Muhammad Bin Abdul Waheed

Fullstack Web Developer| AI CHATBOTS |Tech Blogger

About Me

I am principally a full stack web developer with outstanding programming skills to work on both front-end and back-end of web applications bringing out best user experiences.

With ever growing passion for AI ,I have expertise in building customized AI chatbots.

What Services I'm Providing?

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  • Design user interactions with frontend code.
  • Create and maintain databases and servers.
  • Test and debug codes on both the front- and backend.
  • Design and develop functioning APIs
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Can create specific softwares customized according to industary needs.I have worked on following projects

  • Developed a Windows 10- inspired calculator 
  • Designed  specialized software calculating expansion tank dimensions and generating corresponding Excel sheets 
  • Created an application to calculate losses in different dampers when air flows through them
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  • I design customized websites for my clients using the WordPress creation tool.
  • I aim to create attractive and user-friendly websites according to client specifications.
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  • As a chatbot developer, I create applications that automate customer services.
  • Design programs that use artificial intelligence to communicate with humans via text or audio. 

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